WWHF 19 Tickets

We are humbled to announce that conference tickets for WWHF are now sold out.  You can still however snag a conference ticket if you register for training as well, you will just be prompted to select your training option first.  If you registered for SANS Training, please email thebank at wildwesthackinfest dot com and include your registration confirmation, and we’ll get you set up with a conference ticket.

If you can’t take training and still want a conference ticket, don’t stress as there are people out there that drop last-minute and want to sell their tickets.  Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for posts using #WWHackinFest to connect.  Thank you all for supporting us and we look forward to another great year!


What’s included in the $275 conference ticket?

  • Access to all Talks, Labs & Workshops (reg required)
  • Capture the Flag
  • All Special Events (Escape Room, Hiring Happy Hour, etc)
  • Morning Coffee
  • Lunch on Thursday and Friday
  • Chuckwagon Steak Dinner on Friday



2-day training is back for 2019!

More Info Here

NOTE: Training will be purchased separately from the actual con, and therefore it is above and beyond your con ticket. 

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