Special Events 2018

We’re adding more events, but for now keep your schedule open for these exciting activities!

Wednesday, 10/24

Welcome Party 7-9pm

Once you get registered come check out the labs and sponsors before our party! We’ll have a cash bar, snacks, hacker trivia and slide roulette.

Thursday, 10/25

A Lock Picking Gun Fight Tournament 6pm – 7pm

Jonathan Ham and Deviant Ollam introduce the basic structure of the most common physical locks, and a demonstration of the most common tools and techniques used to defeat them. Then, after some practice time with all necessary tools provided, a tournament will be held.
Several different models of Nerf(tm) Guns will be provided for gunslingers to choose from, each disabled with a commercial trigger lock. For each round of the tournament a duel will commence, players start back-to-back, then pace away towards a table with a small lock challenge. The cowboy or cowgirl able to most quickly unlock the challenge, load it Nerf Gun, and shoot his or her opponent “dead”, wins the round.
The last lockpicker/gunslinger standing will be awarded a very cool prize!

If you got your ticket before 8/18/17 you’re invited to join us for dinner in a location yet to be disclosed. It will be open house style, so come and go between these times.

Friday, 10/26

Chuckwagon Dinner 5pm – end

A special treat! A steak dinner cooked on an open fire. An alternative vegetarian meal will be available. This is included in the price of your ticket. Spouse dinner tickets are available as an add-on when purchasing your ticket.

Party 8pm – end

Exciting things coming…stay tuned!