We’re adding more labs, but for now keep your schedule open for these exciting activities!  Workshops will be announced early January.


Hands-On Hardware Hacking Labs

Returning for another year with more additions! Do you have what it takes to attempt the hardware hacks that we have in store for you during the hardware hacking challenge? With our hardware hacking labs, you will get to try techniques utilized to hack “Internet of Things” devices.

Labs will be set up to help identify potential ports of interest on printed circuit boards (PCB), learn how to connect and enumerate those ports, find interesting information within the integrated circuits (can you say passwords), and dump the firmware with tools already set up to help gather information from the device(s). We have taken the trials, tribulations, and frustrations of having to de-solder integrated circuits from the PCB, tear apart the casings to expose the secrets, fumble through soldering headers into the board and those really tiny resistors (ughh).

With these labs, you have the opportunity to play with tools like the jtagulator, Shikra and Bus Pirate. If you are not familiar with those tools you will be after we get done with you. So, come get your hands dirty and enjoy the company of fellow hacktivists in San Diego!

A Lock Picking Gun Fight Tournament 

Jonathan Ham and Deviant Ollam introduce the basic structure of the most common physical locks, and a demonstration of the most common tools and techniques used to defeat them. Then, after some practice time with all necessary tools provided, a tournament will be held.
Several different models of Nerf(tm) Guns will be provided for gunslingers to choose from, each disabled with a commercial trigger lock. For each round of the tournament a duel will commence, players start back-to-back, then pace away towards a table with a small lock challenge. The cowboy or cowgirl able to most quickly unlock the challenge, load it Nerf Gun, and shoot his or her opponent “dead”, wins the round.
The last lockpicker/gunslinger standing will be awarded a very cool prize!

Free Workshops (Registration Required)

***SOLD OUT*** Catch me if you can – Seeing the Red through the Blue

Instructors: Will Hunt & Owen Shearing

Thursday, March 12th from 10am – 12pm

This workshop will help improve both red and blue skillsets through a series of hacks, where you as an attendee will have to identify malicious activities on a series of targets. The trainer (Red Team) will perform a series of attacks on the hosts within the in.security LAB, running commands, tools and utilizing techniques used in the field. You (the Blue Team) will then need to use the in-LAB ELK stack to identify the malicious activities and raise the alarm! This will upskill both attackers in understanding the various attack flows that could compromise their cover and defenders in understanding how to detect them.

“The best defense is a good offense” applies as much in cyber as it does in sport. Understanding the attack flow is important in consolidating knowledge, so you’ll get to see every attack the trainer carries out before you’re set off to hunt down the evidence. This heightened mindset will then up your game in the field to better detect the traces, logs and data that can give an attacker away. This is what you can expect in the intensive 120 minute workshop:

Lab and Scenario Intro

       • Connectivity and network overview

  • Auditing Windows, Linux and network devices
  • Intro to the ELK stack, Sysmon, logging, alerting and monitoring



  • Port/vulnerability scans
  • Brute-force attacks


  • Identify targeted and compromised user accounts



  • Sending emails with malicious content
  • Landing a shell!


  • Catching a Phish!



  • Credential theft
  • Lateral movement and pivoting within the enterprise


  • Identifying credential based attacks
  • Identifying compromised hosts



  • Using Out of Band (OOB) channels
  • Data exfiltration


  • Identifying suspicious connections

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is suited to a variety of students, including:

  • Blue/Red team members
  • SOC analysts
  • Penetration testers
  • Security professionals
  • IT Support, administrative and network personnel

Technical / Hardware / Software Requirements:

      • Students will need to bring a laptop with a web browser installed


Workshop Registration Opens on January 31st at 8am Mtn

To register, you must first get your Conference Ticket to WWHF – San Diego.