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A WWHF conference ticket is included with the training hosted on the WWHF website. 

Registration will open on Tuesday, March 10th at 7:30 AM.

Training will be held on Tuesday, March 10th from 9 AM to 4 PM and Wednesday, March 11th from 9 AM to 4 PM.

To register for the Hosted Training: Please click the link and register for both the con and training using the above orange button.  

SANS Update: Wild West Hackin’ Fest – Way West has been changed to a virtual conference and, as a result, SANS training will no longer be offered. The SANS Training Guarantee allows for a full refund or you can delay your training to take the course at an event later in the year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Guide to Active Defense, Cyber Deception & Hacking Back


Instructor: John Strand

$1500 + taxes & fees

Registration Instructions: Please Click Here to register for the training.  If you’ve already purchased a con ticket, please email at thebank at wildwesthackinfest dot com for a partial refund.

Course Overview: Active Defenses have been capturing a large amount of attention in the media lately. There are those who thirst for vengeance and want to directly attack the attackers. There are those who believe that any sort of active response directed at an attacker is wrong. We believe the answer is somewhere in between.

In this class, you will learn how to force an attacker to take more moves to attack your network. These moves may increase your ability to detect them. You will learn how to gain better attribution as to who is attacking you and why. You will also find out how to get access to a bad guy’s system. And most importantly, you will find out how to do the above legally.

The current threat landscape is shifting. Traditional defenses are failing us. We need to develop new strategies to defend ourselves. Even more importantly, we need to better understand who is attacking us and why. Some of the things we talk about you may implement immediately, others may take you a while to implement. Either way, consider what we discuss as a collection of tools at your disposal when you need them to annoy attackers, attribute who is attacking you and, finally, attack the attackers.

This class is based on the DARPA funded Active Defense Harbinger Distribution live Linux environment. This VM is built from the ground up for defenders to quickly implement Active Defenses in their environments. This class is also very heavy with hands-on labs. We will not just talk about Active Defenses. We will be doing hands-on labs and through them in a way that can be quickly and easily implemented in your environment.


  • Non-standard defenses
  • Full free environment with all tools and instructions for those tools
  • Understand legal issues


  • General security practitioners
  • Penetration testers
  • Ethical hackers
  • Web application developers
  • Website designers and architects