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The hotel map. Hope this helps get your bearings, the conference area is small and compact so you won’t feel lost or confused once you get there! We’ll be at the star most of the time for registration, info and help. Come visit!



We haven’t sold out, but we’re closing the online registration. You can still get tickets at the door.



We get a lot of questions about the weather this week, it is typical late fall weather. Unpredictable and sometimes 70F and sometimes 30F. But nobody that lives here has dug out their super winter gear, and we are mostly getting by with light jackets. Layers are good! While some snow is predicted on Thurs, the ground likely won’t freeze, and the rest of the weekend looks warm and sunny.



Are you excited about Wild West Hackin’ Fest? It’s just a little over a week away! Wow! Time flies when you’re planning!!

We wanted to keep you updated on some details, and we are so happy you are making the trek out to see our beautiful Black Hills and hang out with us for WWHF #1!!

-Schedule: check it early and often, we’re updating it as we go, and tweaking things that have been confusing. If you register on SCHED you can also pick out the talks you want to hear and start building your personal schedule. https://www.wildwesthackinfest.com/later/speakers/

-Lodging: We hope you’ve figured this out already because it’s looking like a SUPER busy weekend. Some hotels in Deadwood are charging $700 a night! If you need a cheaper option the Holiday Inn Express in Sturgis isn’t too far and still has rooms available (last time we checked). https://www.wildwesthackinfest.com/now/visitor-info/

-If you are coming to South Dakota early to site see, we put together two pages for you. One about dining https://www.wildwesthackinfest.com/food-dining/ and one about cool stuff https://www.wildwesthackinfest.com/attractions-cool-stuff/ .

-Classes/Training: See the email I’m going to send right after this if you’re in a class on Wed & Thurs.

-If you are arriving early on Thursday we will have registration from 4-7pm. Come register and then take a gander at the labs and sponsor tables before we have our welcome party complete with hacker trivia, cash bar and when the speakers get back, speaker roulette!

-If you’re arriving later on Thursday and can’t make it to registration then, you can register starting at 7am on Friday morning. But be snappy, because we start our welcome remarks at 8am sharp!

-Are you a runner? Meet us on Saturday morning at 6am for a quick (chilly) run in the hotel parking lot.

-Did you see DUAL CORE is coming? You’re invited to the afterparty on Friday night no matter when you bought your ticket! (early registration guaranteed you dinner but we’re opening the entertainment to all!) Please be advised that this building that we’re holding the after party has a max occupancy of 300 people, so once we’re full, we’re full!

-Costume Contest! It IS Halloween after all. Feel free to wear your costume on Saturday (unless you’re a volunteer/staff). We’ll have a contest with prizes during the closing ceremonies on Saturday at 4pm. Best Western Costume, Best John Strand, Best Tech Themed & Costume Best Overall!

If you have questions about anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We want this to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, and we are here to help make that happen!

See you all soon!!!


Driving from Denver? Here’s our preferred route, scenic AND fast!