We love talks as much as the next guy, but you know what’s really fun? Rolling up your sleeves and getting to really play with things! Stay tuned, we’re adding more as we go to this page!

Hands-On Hardware Hacking Labs

Do you have what it takes to attempt the hardware hacks that we have in store for you during the hardware hacking challenge??? With our hardware hacking labs, you will get to try techniques utilized to hack “Internet of Things” devices. Labs will be set up to help identify potential ports of interest on printed circuit boards (PCB), learn how to connect and enumerate those ports, find interesting information within the integrated circuits (can you say passwords), and dump the firmware with tools already set up to help gather information from the device(s). We have taken the trials, tribulations, and frustrations of having to de-solder integrated circuits from the PCB, tear apart the casings to expose the secrets, fumble through soldering headers into the board and those really tiny resistors (ughh). With these labs, you have the opportunity to play with tools like the jtagulator, Shikra and Bus Pirate. If you are not familiar with those tools you will be after we get done with you. So, come get your hands dirty and enjoy the company of fellow hacktivists during the first annual Wild West Hackin’ Fest in Legendary Deadwood, South Dakota!!!!

802.11 Wireless Challenge

This challenge will test your skills at exploiting different wireless configurations. The challenge is designed as an adventure and will require you to break into each of the target networks to assemble clues that contribute to the overall solution. A prize will be awarded to those who complete the challenge.


Explore the RF spectrum in the SDR lab! There will be a number of different signals transmitting intermittently at low power with varying modulations and baseband encodings. We’ll have an SDR-equipped laptop available for you to use in capturing, demodulating and decoding these signals. You’re also welcome to drop in and use your own gear if you like.

Platinum Sponsor – GRIMM

Mobile Car Hacking Lab

Nicknamed “3PO”, began as a way to build capabilities internally and has become an easy training facilitator. 3PO is a conglomeration of most of the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) from one late model automobile from a domestic OEM. Not only is 3PO a great test-bed for reverse-engineering and hacking on automobiles. The Grimm team has provided some tools and step-by-step instructions for walking even non-technical folks through CAN bus exploitation. Bring your own tools and agenda or use the ones provided by Grimm. Either way, you’re sure to grow and have fun!

“Howdy Neighbor” 

GRIMM’s Internet of Things (IoT) Capture the Flag (CTF)-like challenge. Howdy Neighbor is a model smart house that simulates how multiple interactive “smart” home products, including webcams, smoke detectors, power meters, HVAC systems, smart ovens and refrigerators, video game consoles, smart TVs, toasters, coffee makers, locks, and light bulbs (etc.!), can be hijacked by attackers of various skill level to expose real-world vulnerabilities, and is a great way to learn about common oversights made in development, configuration, and setup of IoT devices.

Gold + Lab Sponsor – Gravwell

Demo Gravwell Lab

Gravwell will be delivering instructor-led and self-paced labs which will enable attendees to gather and analyze large data sets to look for anomalies and trends in IT operations data.  What most people would have looked to Splunk or Netwitness to do, Gravwell does more efficiently.  At the end of the lab, attendees will understand how Gravwell is installed, how to capture large data sets and how to use Gravwell’s Machine Language Query capabilities to do data analysis using tools such as force directed graphs. 

Uranium Lab Sponsor – InGuardians

SDR Pager  Challenge

We will be brining a small (legal) FM transmitter based on a RasberryPi in which we will transmit (at very low power, (see above, re: legal)) some custom POCSAG and FLEX based old school pager messages with some “hidden content”. Attendees can use their own Software Defined Radios to discover the signal and decode the secret messages. If they do not have their own, we’ll have a station at the booth where we can help walk attendees through the discovery and decoding, with them “doing the driving”.


You’ll find a wide range of challenges ranging in topics from pen testing to forensics to reconnaissance and more. All skill levels are welcome. Our goal is that players of all experience levels will learn at least something new when participating in this event.